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Private Yacht Charters Traveling exclusively with friends and family

Private galapagos charter

On your private Galapagos charter you can be assured that every detail from beginning to end is crafted to perfection allowing you to immerse yourself in the destination and enjoy a carefree holiday. Groups select to charter for a higher level of privacy and intimacy. Our charters range from families wanting to share quality time to high-profile guests accustomed to or needing more exclusivity.

Experience the very BEST of Galápagos aboard our favourite private luxury yacht. You’ll retrace some of Charles Darwin’s route of 1835 with superb naturalists and in much greater comfort than he experienced: you’ll be pampered by an outstanding crew, dine in style and enjoy the views from large picture windows in the comfort of your spacious stateroom.

This 9-day adventure is designed for those tight on time, but still want a comprehensive experience. The 8-day cruise is combined with one night on the mainland to facilitate international flight connections. For those who want to customize their experience, we can offer a tailor-made itinerary including a variety of extensions such as visits to the Andean highlands, the Amazon Jungle, the temperate rainforest and more …

Select between their Eastern and Western routes, two of the most inclusive yacht itineraries in Galapagos. Both routes visit many islands. One route focuses on the western islands including visits on Floreana, Isabela and Fernandina; the other route focuses on the eastern islands including visits on Española, San Cristóbal and Genovesa.

When not ashore exploring the islands, kayaking, or snorkeling with sea lions, penguins, and tropical fish, you’ll travel in comfort and style aboard the 141′ 16-passenger luxury yacht. She is equipped with state of the art stabilizers, Wi-Fi, a relaxing sun deck jacuzzi, and plenty of room to unwind and enjoy your Galapagos experience.

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Origins of Species

9, 10 or 11 days 

A signature Galapagos cruise – A comprehensive journey including a night on Santa Cruz island and an unforgettable 8 day tour of the Galapagos Islands.

Galapagos Safari

11 days

Two adventure-packed days on Santa Cruz at Galapagos Safari Camp before boarding your 8-day luxury Galapagos cruise to the outlying islands.

Galapagos & Amazon

16 days

The best of Ecuador’s natural wonders: a Galapagos Islands cruise and Amazon Jungle rainforest tour.

Islands & Highlands

12 days

Combine a signature Galapagos cruise with a visit to the exquisite Hacienda Zuleta, a historic working estate and community in the Andean highlands.

Galapagos Safari

11 days

Two adventure-packed days on Santa Cruz at Galapagos Safari Camp before boarding your 8-day luxury Galapagos cruise to the outlying islands.

Galapagos & Expedition River Cruise

11 days

Enjoy an exciting Expedition Luxury Cruise on the Amazon River followed by a voyage of discovery to the Galapagos Islands.

more small cruise ship options …

Out of the dozens of ships that cruise the waters of the Galapagos, the small size of these boats are some of our favorites as they allow you to explore sites that the larger ships can’t. Not too big, not too small.

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Not sure which adventure is for you? Well we’ve been there. In fact, we’ve personally guided small private family groups to the Galapagos and so are well prepared to help you select, or create, the travel experience of your dreams. Call us +1 647 269 1929 or send us your questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

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