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Indian Sub-Continent

Bhutan, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka


The Indian subcontinent is the region of South Asia stretching from the Himalayas southwards to the shores of the Indian Ocean. From the bustle of colorful India to the serenity of Bhutan, with a kaleidoscope of faiths and people, there is plenty to explore in Indian Subcontinent.


Bhutan | India | nepal | SRI LANKA


Explore the farthest reaches of Bhutan’s inhabited regions with a 12-night itinerary through five of Bhutan’s most spectacular valleys – Thimphu, Phobjikha, Bumthang, Punakha and Paro – with optional excursions to the Tang and Ura valleys. We can customize a tailor-made itinerary with a private guide and driver, taking in all five Lodges. These expeditions can be tailored to suit your personal preferences and interests.


There are few places on earth like India. An explosion of colors, sounds and contrasts. The irony of an elephant traffic jam, contrasting with the opulence of the palaces and forts, its energy is undeniably contagious. Travel through India with an open mind and you’ll marvel at the assault on all your senses; from your first glimpse of a tiger in the wild to the colorful saris and striking red Rabari turbans, from the sound of the incessant blaring of car horns in Delhi to the quiet silence of the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas, from the lush tranquil backwaters and tropical beaches of Kerala in the south, to the wind-swept deserts of Rajasthan. India is a huge and varied country, so our advice to first-timers would be to take on a manageable chunk and do it justice, with the understanding that you’ll be back for more …


Standing at the “Roof of the World”, Nepal is probably best known for being home to eight of the world’s highest mountain peaks, including the world reknowned Mount Everest. This small Himalayan country, surrounded by China, India and Bhutan is stunningly beautiful with its majestic snow-capped peaks, delightfully charming people, epic treks and traditional temples, the remote Kingdom of Nepal is as close to travel nirvana as it’s possible to get. For some, a Nepal holiday is a once-in-a-lifetime experience while there are many who keep coming back for more.


The tear drop shaped island of Sri Lanka lies in the Indian Ocean just off the southern tip of India. With its golden sandy beaches, azure blue waters and warm tropical climate, Sri Lanka is a year-round destination for travelers seeking sun, sand and sea. The island has a rich cultural heritage that dates back to over 2,000 years which is linked to the origins of Buddhism in the country with magnificently constructed stupas and the ruin remains of ancient kingdoms. Controlled from the 16th century onwards by the Portuguese, Dutch and finally the British prior to gaining full independence in 1948, the influences of colonial powers remain visible in architecture and a number of forts across the country.

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